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The Florida Camera Club Council (FCCC) is a not-for profit umbrella organization of 60 independent camera clubs throughout the state of Florida. The Council was established in 1959. Any member of one of the 60 camera clubs is eligible to be a member of the FCCC, without charge. To register as a member of the FCCC, visit Login/Register.To find information on our constitution, by-laws and FCCC officers visit About Us. For information on how to find a local club in your neighborhood visit Clubs.

The FCCC holds both Digital and Print Competitions three times a year in which the top 10% are awarded a blue ribbon and the next 15% a yellow ribbon. Images receiving a ribbon during the year in the three triannual competitions are entered into the end of year competition. In all four competitions, images are awarded a numerical value which is the average from three individual judges. To observe results of previous competitions, visit Galleries. To find information on entering current competitions choose an option from the competitions menu above.

In 2011 and 2009 the FCCC sponsored a three day photography conference in Naples, FL with photo workshops, photo outings, exhibits and well-known experts in the field of photography.

The next FCCC Sponsored Conference will be on March 6-8, 2015.


Digital Competition Schedule for 2014 & 2015 

Results of the 2014 2nd Triannual Digital Competition are now posted. Congratulations to all the winners!

Click Here!

3rd Triannual Digital October 1 thru 30 – Judging November 1 thru 10

Year end Judging – January 1 thru 10


Print Competition Schedule for 2014

Attention! You can still pay for your print submission as usual, however you will not be able to upload your images until after September 1st when the new website will be activated.


Third Triannual – Wycliffe Photo Club Oct 9, 2014
Prints due Oct 3, 2014

Send to: Ira Abramson
10731 Northgreen Dr
Wellington, FL 33449

Moving up! These are excerpts from the rules & regulations pages. To clarify where you should be competing.

D. Reclassification Of Class, applies to prints and digital divisions
The primary purpose of competing in a class is to have your work compared to those with similar skill levels.
As a first time competitor you may rate yourself as an A (Advanced photographer) or B (Beginner photographer). You may voluntarily move upward from Class B to Class A at any time simply by entering that class. You must move yourself to class A after meeting the criteria.
No one may move downward from class A to B. without approval of the Competition Director.

E. Criteria for a move from B to A is as follows:
The criteria for moving from class B to class A is winning any award ribbon in the end of year Competition and/or accumulates 3 or more Award ribbons in the 3 TriAnnual competitions.

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